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Audiobook Release | The Legendary Inge

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Good news, everyone! My first-ever audiobook is officially on the market, unabridged and narrated by the delightful Lillian Rachel! You can find THE LEGENDARY INGE on Audible and Amazon!

It should also become available on iTunes/Apple Books in the next few days. However, I am illiterate with that channel, so if the link is already up, I haven’t been able to find it. (Sorry ._. )

Audiobook cover for The Legendary Inge, written by Kate Stradling and Narrated by Lillian Rachel; A gray stone background with lines of runes and blue forget-me-nots scattered across it

Of all my published works, this is the last one I expected to break into the audiobook market. While INGE is technically my bestselling title, it also sports a whole slew of Scandinavian names with somewhat different pronunciations than a reader might suspect. When my narrator cold-contacted me with an audition last fall, though, and promptly nailed all the names in her excerpt, how could I pass up the opportunity?

So, if you’ve ever wondered about how to pronounce Inge*, Gunnar, Jannik, Signe, et. al, wonder no more! (And if you haven’t wondered, maybe you should…?)


While we’re on the subject, I sold the audiobook rights to THE HEIR AND THE SPARE. Tantor Media has acquired it for wide release, so that title should appear on the audio market sometime in the next year.

(The acquisitions agent said it’s usually 3-5 months. It’s on their timetable, though, not mine.)


*does not rhyme with “hinge, singe, binge,” lol